Do Peloton Shoes Stretch Out Overtime? [You Should Know This]

Do Peloton Shoes Stretch Out Overtime?

Everyone who has ever owned a pair of shoes knows that, over time, they start to stretch out. But what about Peloton shoes? Do they stretch out as normal sneakers do? And if so, is there anything that can be done to prevent it? In this article, we’ll take a look at the issues surrounding Peloton shoe stretching and how to best deal with it.

Do Peloton Shoes Stretch Out Overtime?

The answer to this question is yes. All of the shoes listed on the Peloton website are made from materials that will stretch out over time. For example, if you purchase a pair of leather Pennon cycling shoes, they will stretch just like any other pair of leather shoes would.

However, here’s where Peloton stands out from most other sneaker companies. If you purchase a pair of Road Plus shoes instead, they are made from a mesh-type fabric that will stretch less than leather shoes.

As for the weight lifting shoes, those are made from suede and also need to be broken in before they begin to stretch out. And just like the other two categories of Peloton shoes, they will stretch out over time.

Thus, you can see that the issue is not whether Peloton shoes stretch – all shoes do – it’s how much and when they begin to stretch out. 

The main reason why people choose to own a pair of cycling sneakers instead of normal sneakers is that they want an added degree of support while they’re working out. Now, if you don’t care about that added level of support and would rather wear a pair of normal sneakers instead, then it’s totally fine to purchase a pair of Peloton shoes without the cycling technology.

However, if you do want that extra bit of support while taking one of the many live classes offered by Peloton, then it’s best to purchase a pair of shoes that are made with cycling technology. The Peloton shoes are either identical to other regular sneakers or they are made from fabric that stretches out less over time.

What Kind Of Exercises Can You Do In The Footwear?

Peloton does not recommend for its customers to do any exercises in their athletic footwear. They recommend instead that you wear a pair of barefoot shoes when performing all workouts or, if you plan on taking classes inside, to go sockless and wear comfortable, closed-toe flat shoes like ballet flats.

Peloton recommends against wearing any type of hard bottom shoe such as running shoes for the same reason they recommend against wearing athletic footwear. Peloton goes as far as to state on their website, “You should only wear shoes without padding under the ball of the foot.”

In addition to a lack of insoles and arch support, what other types of sneakers are recommended for doing workouts? Open-backed sneakers such as sandals, flip flops, clogs, and Crocs are all types of shoes that you should not wear to perform any type of exercise.

Peloton also recommends against wearing Vibram FiveFingers toe shoes as those don’t have the same level of support as a normal sneaker does. Plus, they’re not designed for the rigorous workouts that any of the Peloton exercise classes offer.

How To Prevent Your Athletic Shoes From Stretching Out?

The only way to prevent your athletic shoes from stretching out is to wear them as little as possible. However, if you do plan on wearing your shoes for workouts, Peloton suggests breaking them in first and following everyone’s number one rule of exercise – drink plenty of water.

Now, there are some things you can do to make your shoes last longer including using them for non-exercise purposes such as daily walking or running errands around town instead of just wearing them during workouts. 

And if you don’t want to break in the shoes before working out, then tighten the laces before you start your workout to prevent the shoes from stretching out.

How Much Do The Peloton Shoes Cost?

The price of a pair of Peloton Athletic sneakers ranges anywhere between $65 and $300 depending on the style, size, color, technology level (i.e., cycling vs. regular sneakers), and other factors.

As for the price of a pair of cycling sneakers, those can go anywhere from $90 to $500 depending on the same factors as mentioned above along with the additional factor of whether they have an extra strap that goes over your foot or not. 

This is a major difference between Peloton’s regular and athletic footwear as the price for a pair of Peloton Athletic sneakers is the same as for any other non-cycling sneaker whereas the price range for a pair of cycling sneakers is significantly higher than that of regular athletic sneakers.

However, both types of footwear can be purchased from Amazon and eBay even though Peloton doesn’t sell their shoes on either website. That said, make sure to purchase your Athletic sneakers from a seller that is reputable and trustworthy.

What Other Factors Determine The Price Of Peloton Shoes?

Other factors in the price of a pair of Peloton shoes include the brand, color, technology level (i.e., cycling vs. regular sneakers), the material used, size, fabric type, foot style, number of straps, cut type, and where they’re made.

Peloton doesn’t sell its shoes on Amazon or eBay but you can purchase them from a reputable seller on either website. Make sure to do your research beforehand so that you don’t get ripped off.

What Are The Best Brands And Styles Of Sneakers To Wear For Peloton Classes?

The best brands and styles of sneakers to wear for Peloton classes are Nike, Adidas, and New Balance.

Nike and Adidas in particular make great shoes for Peloton workouts because they’re extremely popular in the cyclist community. Nike in particular is so popular among cyclists that it won an award from the Road5  “Best Cycling Sneakers” award of 2018.

Breathability and comfort are two other major factors to consider when purchasing an athletic shoe for Peloton workouts. You need a sneaker that is not only comfortable but one that breathes well too; otherwise, you might get burned out quickly.

Material such as mesh and/or leather will do the trick nicely.

Sneakers by Nike, Adidas, and other brands made out of mesh will do the trick nicely. 

The same goes for sneakers that are made out of leather or synthetic material because these materials breathe well so your feet won’t get sweaty while you’re exercising.

Last Thoughts

As far as what brand and style of sneakers to wear for Peloton classes, we think that the best option is a sneaker by Nike or Adidas because these brands are extremely popular in the cyclist community and will provide you with ample support and protection when working out.

Also, make sure to breathability and comfort when purchasing shoes for Peloton workouts because you don’t want sweaty feet while exercising. 

And, lastly, remember that there are lots of brands and styles of athletic shoes available online so find the right pair for you that’s neither too expensive nor too cheap; otherwise, you might end up getting ripped off or paying way more than necessary for your new fitness shoes.

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