Are Peloton Shoes Narrower Than The Others? [Explained]

Are Peloton Shoes Narrower Than The Others?

A recent Peloton shoe review on Reddit has stirred up some controversy. Some users are saying that the Peloton brand shoes are narrower than other brands, which can be a problem if you have wide feet. So, are Peloton shoes really narrower than the competition? We did some research to find out. Keep reading to learn more.

Peloton Shoes Reviewed

The Peloton Cycle is a high-end spinning bike that is available in your own home. The Peloton app allows you to stream classes to the bike whenever you want, and also offers additional features like tracking rides, analyzing metrics, and more. When deciding on the best cycling shoes for this review, we decided to go with the most popular shoe – the Peloton cycling shoes. What are these shoes like? Check out this review from a user on Reddit:

” I just got them today so can’t comment on durability yet but they are definitely narrower than my old Shimano road shoes”.  -Reddit User

Narrower Than the Competition?

This user is not the only one who has reported that the Peloton shoes are narrower than other cycling shoes on the market. There are some complaints about it being too narrow on Amazon as well. For example, in this review, a customer states:

” I will say though, after wearing Shimano RS300 shoes for the past 4 years, these shoes feel way too narrow and I’m worried that after a year of riding and regular washing, etc., they will not be as comfortable as my Shimanos.”

Now at first glance, it might seem that Peloton really does have a shoe fit issue. The shoes look narrower than other cycling shoes we have reviewed. However, one thing to consider is the fact that they are not made of synthetic material.

In fact, Peloton shoes are made with leather and suede, which many cycling shoes on the market have stopped using because it’s not as durable or breathable as synthetic materials.

In addition to this, the size is a little bit smaller than other shoes. If you read the user reviews above, they both mention that a little bit of wiggle room is good for cycling shoes, but the size just felt a little “small”.

So, while we can’t say that Peloton has a sizing issue – because unfortunately some brands have to change shoe styles every season and it’s possible this shoe was in its previous iteration in a slightly larger size – we can say that it’s possible the leather material is causing this shoe to run smaller.

Final Thoughts

While there are some complaints about Peloton shoes being narrow, many users have also stated that after breaking them in they are comfortable. Like any type of footwear, cycling shoes should be broken in to get the best comfort level.

We hope this clears up any confusion or questions you have about the Peloton cycling shoe. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section below.

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