Are PF Flyers Good Skate Shoes? 7 Reasons and Alternatives

Are PF Flyers Good Skate Shoes

If you are a skater, then the PF Flyers shoes might be something that interests you. You can find out by reading this article for 7 reasons to buy these shoes. If none of them sound good to you, then there is a list of other popular skate shoe brands at the end of this post.

Are PF Flyers Good Skate Shoes?

PF flyers are very popular among skaters because they look good and feel comfortable. They have been around since the 1940s when America was in a world war, so you know that these shoes will last for years to come. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of PF Flyers’ models as long as it is made from canvas material.

Here are 7 reasons why you should get PF Flyers:

1.Available in all sizes (including a toddler)

You can find PF Flyers at any shoe store or online, and you know that they will fit! No need for worrying if it will be too big or small.

2.They are very comfortable

Many skaters wear these shoes because of their comfort level. The soles feel like pillows on your feet, and you can keep them on for hours. The shoes are also very light compared to other brands of skate shoes.

3.They come in many different colors

You will definitely find a color that suits your style! You may choose between red, orange, blue, white or even green if the others do not suit you. There is at least one color that will match your outfit. Availability in all sizes also makes these shoes great for family members of different ages!

4.They are affordable

At the price of $55, you can get more than just one pair of PF Flyers if you go with multiple colors or choose different models. You don’t have to worry about spending too much money!

5.Made of canvas material

You will definitely need a pair of shoes that are made from durable material because accidents happen all the time. Canvas is known to be one of the most resilient materials out there, so you know that your PF Flyers will last for years to come!

6.They have a good grip on the bottom

The rubber soles at the bottom of these shoes will help you keep your balance, so there is less chance of injuries. The grip also helps a lot when skating on slippery surfaces such as metal or concrete.

7.They have a wide range of models to choose from

PF Flyers have different types and styles if you want variety in what you’re wearing. There’s the Docket model for those who want a sleek and classy look, the Center Hi-Cut with its bold colors that is perfect for casual outings, or even the All-Star High Top made from suede leather. You can’t go wrong buying any of these!

If none of these 7 reasons are convincing enough to make you buy PF Flyers, then take a look at the following list for other popular skate shoe brands:

Emerica – Classic shoes that have been around since 1997. 

Vans – One of the most well-known skate shoe brands out there with multiple colors and styles.

Etnies – Very popular brand among skaters with high-quality material and good designs.

Adidas Skateboarding – Available in many different colors for casual wear. 

Huf Shoes – Unique design that will appeal to water lovers because the shoes are made from recycled boards.

Etnies is definitely number one on this list, but of course, you can’t go wrong with any of these brands. Just be sure to get a good pair of skate shoes that will protect your feet from injuries!

Are pf flyers non-slip shoes?

Yes, they are. PF Flyers have rubber soles that will help you keep your balance if skating on slippery surfaces such as metal or concrete.

Are pf flyers vegan?

No, the shoes aren’t made from 100% recycled material like other brands out there (such as Huf Shoes) so it isn’t considered to be vegan.

Are pf flyers good for park skating?

Yes, you can wear PF Flyers at virtually any type of skateboarding. The canvas material is very strong and will hold up against the elements!

What are some other types of shoes similar to PF Flyers?

If you want something that is very similar to the PF Flyers, then you should check out Emerica shoes. They are known for their quality material and designs. Vans also have multiple colors available in its line of skate shoe products. Etnies brand offers more than one style, so there’s definitely a pair perfect for your needs!

What type of shoes is best for skateboarding?

The type of shoe that is best for skateboarding will depend on what you plan to do. If you’re doing tricks, then a high-top sneaker with a good grip and ankle support would be the better choice. However, if your focus is more on speed, light shoes with thin rubber soles are ideal!

Are pf flyers waterproof?

The shoes are made from canvas material, which is water-resistant. However, they’re not waterproof so you should stay away from puddles when wearing them! 😉

Where can I buy PF flyers? Can I get a good price for the shoes?

PF Flyers can be bought directly through its website or at other online retailers such as Amazon. The price for the shoes varies depending on what style you want, so check out Amazon to see if PF Flyers are a good fit!

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