Are Peloton Shoes SPD Compatible? Know Before You Buy

Are Peloton Shoes SPD Compatible?

If you’re in the market for a new pair of cycling shoes, you may be wondering if Peloton shoes are SPD compatible. Here’s what you need to know.

Peloton shoes are SPD cleat compatible! As such, they will work with pedals that use a standard three-bolt system. This includes clip-in pedals, look Keo, Look Delta, and Speedplay.

The Peloton shoes are a great option for indoor cycling enthusiasts who want a competent shoe that will perform well on the bike and also work outside of it. These stylish shoes have a contemporary look, feel very solid, and work with the majority of major pedal systems – so they will suit most rider’s needs.

Peloton Shoes vs. SPD: What’s the Difference?

There are a few key differences between Peloton shoes and their standard SPD-compatible counterparts. First of all, you won’t be Clipping into these shoes. And while that may seem like a negative, it also gives them an advantage over regular cycling shoe models.

Most notably because they are considerably lighter than traditional cleat-compatible shoes. And because you’re not required to step into these shoes, you can slip them easily on and off as needed – instead of having to worry about wedging your feet inside a bulky shoe.

Are Peloton Shoes Good For Spinning Class?

Yes! You’ll appreciate both the comfort and style of the Peloton shoes any time you’re on the bike. These shoes are very similar to other brands in their price range, but what sets them apart is how good they look and feel when you step off the bike.

The Peloton cycling shoes exude a confident style that’s also appropriate for casual wear outside of your workout regime. Their contemporary design makes them an excellent pick for people who like to mix up their fitness routine, and also want a shoe that looks good when they aren’t clocking miles on the Peloton bike.

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How Do Peloton Shoes Work?

The Peloton cycling shoes are unique because they’re compatible with cleat systems, but not designed to directly attach to the pedals. The sole of the shoe is made from a non-slip material that’s rugged enough for use on indoor and outdoor rides.

It also features a rubber outsole that provides an ideal level of grip when you’re standing up on the pedals. And just in case you’re wondering if these shoes will feel comfortable when you’re not cycling, they really do.

Their soft soles are padded for comfort and provide just enough spring to keep your feet happy even if you decide to take a walk around town after your workout.

Are Peloton Cycling Shoes Good?

Yes, the Peloton cycling shoes are good. These shoes are well-made and sturdy so you won’t have to worry about them coming apart or wearing out after a few uses.

In fact, their design seems specifically engineered to support heavy use on a regular basis – making them excellent for serious cyclists and casual riders alike.

Peloton shoes are compatible with SPD cleat systems, but they’re not designed to attach directly to the pedal – which is a nice option for people who aren’t looking for a shoe that’s as bulky as a regular cycling shoe.

The excellent design of these shoes means you can easily slip them on and off at the gym without worrying about wedging your feet into a shoe.

The fact that you don’t need to step into these shoes may seem like it defeats the purpose, but there are clear upsides to this design. For example, they’re lighter than regular cycling shoes which means you can comfortably wear them for extended periods of time without getting tired.

Another great feature of the Peloton shoes is how good they look and feel when you’re wearing them outside of working out. They’re stylish enough to be worn as a general-purpose shoe, and offer the convenience of slipping off quickly if you want to go for a walk or run after your ride.

What to Consider When Buying a Peloton Shoe?

If you’re considering buying a Peloton shoe, there are a few aspects of the design to keep in mind. For example, people who plan on using their bike regularly may want to go with a shoe that’s more supportive and comfortable than what’s provided by Peloton.

This is because these shoes are intended for occasional use only – whereas regular cycling shoes are designed to support hours of biking in a single session.

In terms of sizing, Peloton recommends getting a half-size to one-size up from your normal shoe size when you order these shoes. The company also recommends going with the longer option if you have wide feet or want to wear thicker socks when working out.

When you order these shoes, make sure to double-check the return policy in case they don’t fit right when they arrive. Peloton is known for having good customer service, but it never hurts to be careful.

What are People Saying? For people who want a shoe that’s more lightweight than other cycling or athletic shoes, the Peloton cycling shoes are a great option.

If you don’t automatically assume that any cycling shoe will be comfortable, it might surprise you to learn how good these feel when you wear them outside of the gym.

They also offer excellent styling for people who want to go straight from working out to be seen in public – making them perfect for riders who want to look good on and off the bike.

The main drawback of these shoes is that they’re designed for occasional use only – and aren’t as supportive as heavy-duty cycling shoes.

This means Peloton shoes might not be ideal for those who plan on using their bike regularly or have feet that need extra support during workouts.

For people who plan on using their bike every day and/or have wide feet, we recommend checking out some of the other cycling shoes available online.

Can I Use Peloton Shoes On Other Running Bikes?

The other running bikes such as Mad Dogg Athletics, Sole Fitness, and ProForm take other running shoes besides cycling shoes. You can use Peloton cycling shoes on these other exercise bikes with cleats.

If you don’t have any cycling or athletic sneakers at home, we recommend going for a pair of cross-trainers that are designed to take cleats for stability while you exercise.

We recommend using Reebok cross-trainers, Nike cross-trainers or Adidas cross-trainers for this purpose.

If you don’t want to buy new shoes, make sure to thoroughly clean your existing sneakers before placing cleats on them. You should also consider buying some cheap cycling socks like Swiftwick Cycling Socks which come with a non-slip bottom.


Peloton shoes are SPD cleat compatible, so they’ll work with pedals that use a standard three-bolt system. This includes clip-in pedals, look, Keo, Look Delta, and Speedplay. If you’re in the market for a new pair of cycling shoes and want them to be SPD compatible as well, these may be your best bet!

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