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Why do polarized sunglasses make my eyes hurt or do polarized sunglasses cause headaches are the most common questions that were asked by many users on the internet.

Today we will briefly discuss about this eye pain/headache, possible causes of headache or eye pain due to polarized lenses and the relationship between polarized sunglasses and headaches.

So lets move forward…

Are polarized lenses worth it

Are polarized lenses worth it

Due of its excellent ability of preventing harmful ultraviolet rays and blue light from getting in, polarized lenses have become the trend in sunglasses.

Doctors and optometrists recommend using polarized sunglasses in outdoors to protect eyes from the damaging effects of sunlight to their patients and individuals.

Individuals who work outside in the bright sun, and sports enthusiasts particularly who do water or snow sports, are perfect candidates for polarized lenses.

Why does my head hurt when i wear sunglasses

Why does my head hurt when i wear sunglasses

Some believe that polarized lenses can hurt eyes or can cause headaches or migraines.

The use of polarized lenses both indoors and outdoors for a long time affects eye vision, as they rapidly adjust with different lighting conditions.

The polarization of the polarized lenses makes it very difficult and induces extreme strain on nerves of the eyes, at the end, that cause headaches.

Polarized lenses in sunglasses are a necessity for anyone
, especially for those who have outdoor activities and worked in harmful UV light for a long time.

Diligent use of high-quality polarized lenses reduces the risks of headaches.

Disadvantages of polarized sunglasses

Disadvantages of polarized sunglasses

Polarized lenses can make LCD screens hard to see.

For safety or convenience purposes, polarized lenses are probably not the best choice for you if you want to see a display of dashboard or screen.

However, they can also negatively affect some tinting on windshields, so they are not always the best choice for driving.

Be careful regarding the benefits of wearing polarized lenses during the night.

Frequently polarized lenses are used for daytime driving but they can be risky to be worn at night.

During low-light conditions
 the darkened lens makes it difficult to see, which can be made worse if you have trouble even seeing at night.

When you’re not sure about wearing polarized lenses, must talk to an eye doctor about what kind of sunglasses are better for your eyes.

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