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Most people still don’t know What Are Non Polarized Sunglasses. Or the difference between polarized vs non-polarized sunglasses.

Polarized and non polarized sunglasses reduce the brightness of the sunlight.

It should be remembered that just because your sunglasses are polarized, the lens vision will not be darker.

The color of the lens is affected by tint rather than polarization.

The coating that polarizes light is not present in non-polarized sunglasses.

Any tint, transparent, or photochromic can be non-polarized lenses

Some instances do not even require polarized sunglasses.

Many people could also have polarized lens sensitivities, which may lead to headaches and hence avoid them.

You are also advised not to wear polarized sunglasses sometimes.

For example, polarized lenses with an LCD screen can blackout and prevent you from seeing certain angles.

Aviation sectors, such as pilots, prefer to avoid using polarized sunglasses due to the widespread use of LCDs to navigate.

What Are Non Polarized Sunglasses

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