What Are Bifocal Reading Sunglasses

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What Are Bifocal Reading Sunglasses

The bifocal reading sunglasses are non-magnified at the top and have your reading power at the bottom of the lens. Bifocal power helps you see your speedometer, write a scorecard, read a compass, etc.

Bifocal sunglasses could be a good choice for you if you have a complicated vision condition that requires various distance and reading prescriptions, and you also want to read outdoors in bright sunlight. With bifocal sunglasses, don’t have to rely on clip-on shades or sunglasses that slip over normal glasses — you can look up from your latest book and see the children playing in the ocean. Bifocal sunglasses are exactly what they sound like: prescription glasses with tinted sunglass lenses to protect against sunlight. Add-on options such as UV defense and polarization are also available.

Bifocal Sunglasses are right for you or not?

If your eye doctor says you should consider bifocals, your first reaction may be, “OMG, I’m getting old! “
That’s because bifocals usually conjure up one of two stereotypic images: that of a sweet old granny in a rocking chair or Benjamin Franklin (largely credited with inventing bifocals).
It doesn’t help that ‘presbyopes’—a technical term for people who wear bifocals or progressives — comes from the Greek word, presbyopia, which means “trying to see as old men do.”
You’re not old — you just need to read glasses now on top of your other glasses, so bifocals are a more comfortable choice than carrying around two pairs of glasses.
Bifocal lenses have two viewing areas separated by a visible line: a wider viewing area for distance with a smaller reading section.
It may take some time for first-time bifocal wearers to adapt to the lenses.
This is primarily due to understanding how to move the eyes between the distance and reading parts of the lens.
Some people also consider the “picture leap” that occurs on the visible line between the distance and the reading areas obtrusive, particularly for those with mobility problems who need to look down while walking.
The easiest thing to do to get used to your bifocals is to wear them as soon as you can.

What is the difference between reading glasses and bifocals?

Bifocals have different intensity lenses that correct both close-up and distance vision.
Bifocals have lenses that have two distinct areas with the bottom of the lens, such as a glass lens and a top lens equipped to improve clarity at a greater distance, usually infinity.
Reading glasses is a single vision lens.
Reading glasses have lenses to improve clarity at a convenient reading distance usually of 14 inches only.

Can I wear bifocals all the time?

Yes, To easily adapt to wearing bifocal glasses or contacts, you’ll need to wear them all the time.
This includes the first thing in the morning, and if you’re outside, you should wear bifocal reading sunglasses. 
If you prefer to adapt slowly, particularly if you’ve never worn any kind of corrective lens before, just wear it when you need it. 
But keep in mind that it will take a lot longer for your eyes to adapt.
If you wear them all the time, without going back to old glasses at any time, you ‘re likely to adapt to wearing your bifocals in a week or two.