How to Identify Original Coach Shoes Just in 7 Steps

How to Identify Original Coach Shoes

Coach is a well-known brand of shoes, bags, and other accessories. The company’s name is often associated with luxury goods that are high quality. However, there are many knockoffs of Coach products on the market today. It can be difficult to identify authentic Coach items from counterfeits or fake items. 

What makes a Coach shoe original? It is often difficult to tell an original from a fake. You can’t always trust the imprints on the inside of the shoe, and it’s hard to know if they are authentic without doing some research. This blog post will teach you how to identify whether or not your shoes are real coach shoes.

Please keep in mind that the Coach has no responsibility to authenticate any of their shoes. This is just a guide on how you can do it yourself if you are curious about your brand new pair of coach sneakers or leather boots.

How to Identify Original Coach Shoes?

Here are some tips for identifying original coach shoes:

There should be a small oval with “COACH” underneath it on the inside of each shoe near where you would tie them up. If it is not there, the shoes are most likely fake or bootlegs. The real coach sneakers will have this stamp in between your feet when wearing them so that you can see it when you look down.

The logo should be a high-quality print that is not faded or peeling off of the shoe. If this stamp looks different from normal, it probably means they are counterfeit shoes and therefore most likely fake.

Look for quality details:

Coach manufactures their items with very good materials to ensure that they last. Their leather is soft and supple, which means that it will be very smooth to the touch as well as flexible when bent slightly. The stitching should be even all around with no loose ends or crooked patterns.

It’s not easy to know what actual Coach shoes feel like since many of their items are now made in China using cheaper materials and cheaper labor. However, the originals should still have a good feel to them because they are made with high-quality leather that has been tanned very well.

The stitching on fakes is often too tight or loose around areas such as the tongue of the shoe where there aren’t any holes for it to go through. It may also be crooked or missing in some areas where the stitches were cut off.

Look for unique manufacturing details:

There are many small design elements that only original Coach shoes have, such as a lined pattern around the outside of each shoe. Look at all sides and you will most likely find this lining on every single pair of authentic coach sneakers.

The soles of the shoes should be stitched to the actual shoe and not glued on like many fake sneakers. The treads on real coach boots are also very unique because they look like a flower with three petals coming out from one point, which is almost never replicated correctly in counterfeit items.

Look for quality materials:

Many knockoff items have the same logo as the real deal but are printed on cheap materials that you can tell by just feeling them. If something seems off to you about a material, then it is most likely fake and made out of cheaper stuff than what Coach would use for their own products.

This means that coach backpacks will be of higher quality with stronger stitching than their bootleg counterparts.

Look for authenticity cards:

If you have a new coach item and there is no card inside of it, then the shoes are likely fake because every pair has this type of documentation except for some vintage items or discontinued styles. If they do come with an authenticity card, make sure that all of the information is filled out correctly and it has the Coach logo on there as well.

Look for fake COA cards:

The coach will not include this type of card with their items because they are only used to authenticate products that came directly from them, such as vintage or discontinued styles. If you find one inside your shoes, then be aware that they are most likely fake.

Look for the manufacturing date:

The serial number on Coach shoes is located in between your feet where you can see it when wearing them, which makes this method of authenticating coach products easy to figure out if they are real or not. The numbers should be stitched onto the backside of one shoe.

The date is located on the inside of your shoes and should look like this: “MM/DD/YY” so that you can know exactly when they were made. This method does not work for fakes because counterfeit items are produced without any dates at all.

These features will help to ensure that coach products are real, but there are also many other ways to spot a fake. If you have any doubts about your Coach sneakers, then it is best to take them into an official store where the staff can help determine whether or not they are real or just good replicas.

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