How To Tell If Shoes Are Too Big? 4 Easy and Quick Tips to Fix

How To Tell If Shoes Are Too Big

Do you know how to tell if shoes are too big? While most people know their size, it’s just about half the story. Shoe sizes measure the length of the feet, although the width and height are not generally taken into consideration.

If you’re usually a size 7 but you’re struggling in the shoe shop to fit into size 8 or you’re easily strutting around the aisles in size 6, you may lose trust in shoe size at all. The truth, however, is that your shoe size only accounts for half of the picture.

After all, the numerical size of your shoe, varying from around four to fourteen, just suits the length of your foot. Meaning, whether you have narrow or wide feet, certain kinds of shoes can senselessly push you up or down.

And, though running to the shoe shop to get your size may be more convenient than spending time putting several pairs on, you may be harming yourself in the long run.

Will you like to know more about this? Go ahead and read on to find out more about how to know if your shoes are too big for you.

How To Tell If Shoes Are Too Big

If you like to figure out if your shoes are too big for you, there are few ways you can keep in mind when you’re looking to buy your shoes in the future. 

This guide can help you measure whether or not the shoes you’re purchasing can give you a lot of pleasure or damage because of their size.

Here are the steps you need to take to figure out if your shoes are not the right fit.

Get The Proper Measurements 

First, you ought to make sure you’re in a position to get your calculations correct. Before purchasing shoes, make sure the foot dimensions match what is available on the market. This way, you’ll be able to figure out if the shoes you’re going to buy are too big or too little for you.

Make Styling Note

Also, you’ve got to look at the style of the shoes. Size is only one factor to look at when you’re looking to find the right pair of shoes. If you’re able to choose the right style, it will bring more comfort to your shoe experience.

Stretch Your Foot

You will also figure out if your shoes are bigger than your real size by extending your feet to the edge of your shoes. If you end up getting space between your feet and the side of your shoes, then chances are it’s too big for you.

You’d have to slim down your shoes or buy another pair that would be the perfect fit for you. As far as dimensions are concerned, you should be able to change the distance of your thumb between your toes and the tip of your shoe.

If you can do this easily, the shoe is about the perfect size. If you have so much space, you will have a problem.

Curling And Compression

When you sit down, if you notice the gap between your toes in your shoes, and if you can curl your fingers and toes inside your shoes without trouble, then they’re too big for you. 

Even, if you can quickly compress the tip of your shoe by pushing it to the foot of your bed, so you don’t have the right size and you can replace it.

Overlapping Laces

If you’ve just purchased a pair of sneakers or other lace accessories, take care of that. Shoes that are too large can cause you to tighten the laces to the degree that the two sides meet

Furthermore, if the shoes fit only after you’ve tightened the laces excessively, it means they’re too big.

How To Fix Large Shoes To Fit Your Foot

There are some accessories you can use to fix large shoes. Use these accessories and fit large shoes to your feet. Here are some of them:

Insoles Silicone or Silicone Gel

This is one of the most widely used tricks since it can minimize the size of the shoe by half. The average insoles of silicone are the most preferred for healing shoes. This is because they cushion the weight of the body, and the sole does not hurt. 

You can apply to leather ones as well. The insole eliminates the gap between the foot and the shoe. Also, this is done due to the thickness of which it is made.

 There are many models: sneakers, heels, or just a few Toms. This is the easiest and most reliable way to update the big shoes. If your shoe is too big for you, you can use a complete silicone or gel insole. 

Unlike the previous models, for these, you’re going to lose two sizes. It’s also best for high shoes! Frequent use of shoes is generally awkward. And it could affect your balance and cause discomfort in your feet, legs, back, and spine. 

Therefore, the only way to prevent these issues is to use a pair of high-quality gel insoles. gel insoles can be found in every shoe shop. Since this issue is more widespread than you thought, gels are popular all over the world.

 However, you have to be sure how much you’re wearing, and if you make a mistake, you won’t be able to patch your big high shoes.

Dr. Scholl’s Work Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles for big Shoe

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These are designed specifically for men (I understand the outrage, ladies) who do a lot of walking around on hard surfaces. What is a hard surface, you ask? Well, obviously, you do not walk around on a floor made of cotton.

So, any surface which resembles concrete is not good for your feet. These gel inserts massage your feet as you walk. This is done by sending gentle waves that help feet in bouncing back from a step. Less discomfort means you can walk around all day without sore muscles.

Heel Cup

If you’re an athlete and you want to repair your big sneakers, that’s the answer for you. The heel cup is the adhesive that you insert in the shoe, which decreases the size and half of the shoe. It’s perfect for rubber shoes because it removes blister from the back of the foot.

The heel cups are incredibly comfortable and easy to put. Also, it would help you to prevent the unpleasant use of band-aid daily. However, if you’re not an athlete, you can use them with tricks as well. Just you should wear long jeans to cover your clothing.

Heel Cups for Heel Pain and Heel Spurs

Heel That Pain Heel Seats is ideal for people with plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, heel inserts, bone spurs, flat feet, tendonitis, and other heel conditions.

They apply therapeutic acupressure on the targeted areas and reduce pain instantly. This product claims to deliver 100% pain relief within 8 days of regular use by realigning the plantar ligament into a healthy position.

Finger Protectors

Finger protectors are ideal for those uncomfortable, closed shoes. They’re allowing the tip not to damage your fingertips.

That’s the perfect way to patch big shoes so it doesn’t make the foot slip. And this is typically the biggest issue when we buy shoes that are bigger than what we’re used to.

It’s an easy-to-use and very comfortable approach. We promise you that if you buy this sort of design, you won’t have to get rid of it.

Chiroplax Toe Tubes Sleeves Protectors

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5 TOE SLEEVES with outer fabric and silicone gel lining. The gel is latex & bpa free. Also independently certified to be safe from lead & phthalates

.Each tube is 6 inches long (15 cm). Pouches are useful when you carry cut tubes or travel.

Homemade Trick

The old, homemade trick that’s still working. You’ve got to place a couple of cotton balls within the tip of the shoe. You may also opt to position a piece of stocking scrap so that your fingertips are more relaxed.

The best thing about this trick is that you can use it at any moment, without having to go to the supermarket to buy anything. Similarly, we suggest that you wear thick socks to prevent your fingers from sliding.

Tip For Leather Shoes

Leather shoes start to loosen with time, but if leather shoes are too big or too wide, the problem can only get worse. Test the shoes with the different type of socks or accessories you’re going to wear.

If your shoes look fine with a selection of socks, you should wear thicker socks to make your shoes too large or wide fit better.

Final Words

Anyway, it’s always ideal for you to buy sneakers that suit you perfectly. It is recommended. However, if you decide to purchase shoes that aren’t the best fit for you.

 You don’t have to think about it because there are also options to deal with the problem without simply calling for professional assistance.

You should also want to figure out more about how to avoid foot slipping in your shoes and boots. It’s going to be a great help to you for sure when it comes to trying to size boots.

You just need to be smart enough to do some analysis and adapt it successfully to your footwear.

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