How to Fix Bald Spots on Suede Shoes? 3 Easy Methods

How to Fix Bald Spots on Suede Shoes

You have a beautiful pair of suede shoes, but you notice that they are starting to show bald spots. What should you do? You could take them to a shoe repair store and get the patches sewn on for a fee. 

But there is an easier way! In this article, we will teach you how to fix bald spots on your own suede shoes with some common household items.

Why do I have a Bald Spot on my Suede Shoes?

Bald spots on suede shoes can happen to everyone. They are caused by friction against the suede fabric. This causes the surface to wear away and become shiny, revealing a lighter color underneath!

How do I Fix a Bald Spot on Suede Shoes?

There are many different ways to fix bald spots. Some of the most common methods include using a leather patch, glue stick, or even dental floss!

By Using Leather Patch

Buy a leather patch.  Find the bald spot and place the patch over it, tracing around it with a pencil to get an outline of where you need to cut it out. 

Use scissors or knives to cut away the area so that there is only enough fabric on either side of your shoes left before sewing. 

Sew across the patch and adhere the leather to your shoes with glue. You can use a blow dryer for 30 seconds or so after gluing it on if you want extra hold!

Finally, cut off any excess thread that is sticking out from around the patch and make sure there are no loose strings left before wearing them again.  If this step is not done, the thread will rub against your shoes and cause more bald spots!

By Using Glue Stick

The glue stick method simply involves gluing a small piece of felt onto the shoes. The most common type of felt is what you would use for crafting purposes, like to make bookmarks or placemats! 

Carefully cut out the shape that matches your bald spot and then just apply it directly on top of the bald spot, making sure that there are no gaps in between the patch and your shoe.

Apply pressure for 30 seconds or so to adhere it properly.  The felt is not very thick, but should be enough to cover up any bald spots on suede shoes!

Dental Floss Method

Here’s an interesting trick that uses dental floss! The best part is you probably already have it in your house 🙂  

Cut a piece of string about 15 inches long and tie both ends together to make a loop. Get the suede shoes out and place them on top of some newspaper or other surface where they will not be damaged by spills if any glue seeps out.

Wrap the dental floss around your fingers, leaving about an inch or two of string between them to form a loop that is roughly the size you want for your patch!

It should be smaller than the bald spot on your shoes so it doesn’t overlap parts with fabric when placed over top of it. Now you are ready to attach your dental floss patch!

Place the string on top of the bald spot and press down firmly.  You may need to hold it for a minute or two before letting go so that there is enough time for it to adhere properly. 

If you don’t want any glue seeping out, place some cardboard underneath where the shoe and patch meet so that it does not get on your shoes.

Now you can simply snip away the excess dental floss around the edge of your patch!  You want to leave enough room for a small line of thread where you will be sewing it onto your shoes, but no more than an inch or two to reduce any risk of the thread rubbing against your suede shoes and causing more bald spots!

Sew along the edge to attach it properly.  You can always use a sewing machine if you have one available, but hand stitching works just as well too! If you are using a thread that matches the color of your shoes, this will not even be noticeable.

Finally, you can remove the newspaper and cardboard underneath your shoes!  You may want to give it another minute or two before wearing them again just in case.  

If there is any excess glue that seeped out when attaching the patch, be sure to wipe it off with a dry cloth or Q-tip so that no residue gets onto your shoes.

If this process is done correctly, there should no longer be any bald spots on your suede shoes!  

These are quick and simple tricks that only require basic materials you probably already have to lie around the house to fix them!

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