Top 5 Best Peloton Shoes For Wide Feet

In a Hurry!

After joining the peloton, I noticed something strange about my feet. My question was, “Why do my feet become so numb after a while of riding?” So I return to the community and discover that my shoes are too small. 

Even though I feel fine, my feet swell when I ride, and my circulation is restricted. Then I did a lot of research to find the best peloton shoes for wide feet because comfort is the number one priority.

There are different types of footwear from various brands listed below. I’m confident you’ll find the perfect pair for your wide feet. No need to worry; all are compatible with look delta or SPD-SL cleats; simply put them on and start spinning.

Buyer’s Guide: How To Find The Best Peloton Shoes For Wide Feet

When shopping for peloton shoes, there are a few things to keep in mind. They are as follows:


Comfort is critical and has a significant impact on performance. Because you will be putting a lot of pressure on your feet while riding your Peloton bike, you must choose a shoe that is comfortable for you to avoid any kind of irritation that could interfere with your workout. While riding, your arches should be supported and your feet should not move around in your shoe.

The System of Closure

When looking for a good cycling shoe, look for one with a good closure system. A good closure system will provide the best support and fit while also improving performance by keeping your feet perfectly secure.


The vast majority of brands adhere to the European sizing standard. This differs from the sizing standard used in the United States. That is why it is critical to converting the shoe sizing to the appropriate size chart. This may also imply that you will need to order a size smaller or larger to ensure a proper fit.

The budget

Every shoe is built differently and has a unique set of features. Purchasing an expensive shoe may not be worthwhile if it includes features that you will never use. As a result, it’s critical to know exactly what features you want and to choose a shoe that provides the best value for your money.

Best Peloton Shoes for Wide Feet (Updated March, 2022)


  • Upper: microtech microfibermesh
  • Sole: millennium 5 sole

Looking for a pair of wide shoes that will provide you with optimal power transfer? Mega 7, the genius, has vouched for perfection in this. The rigidity of the shoe sole becomes unrivaled with Sidi’s Millennium 5 carbon composite.

The upper of the shoe is made of Microtech microfiber mesh, which improves breathability and aeration. Furthermore, the material is extremely stable and, as a bonus, water-repellent. As a result, in addition to riding on a peloton, you can ride outside in the shoe with confidence.

Furthermore, the shoe has a soft instep closure system and a caliper buckle with high-security Velcro, making it safe and snug.

A heel cup and double stitch seams keep the shoe comfortable throughout the workout, no matter how long it lasts. Not to mention the replaceable anti-slip heel pad and vent system, which ensure that foot comfort is never an issue during your workouts.

Finally, Genius 7 is available in both men’s and women’s mega sizes

  • Power transfer efficiency.
  • Exceptionally breathable.
  • Even after long and strenuous spinning sessions, it remains comfortable.
  • Both men’s and women’s sizes are available.
  • It’s quite pricey.


  • All new upper featuring Sidi's proprietary Techpro eco-friendly synthetic leather
  • Sidi Twelve Carbon composite sole for the perfect blend of stiffness and all-day comfort
  • Replaceable Heel Pad
  • New Soft Instep 4 instep closure is sleek and light and combined with the padded tongue provides exceptional comfort
  • Built on Sidi's Mega last to accommodate an EE to EEE width foot

Ergo 5 Mega Carbon cycle shoes win the race for the most comfortable shoes for wide feet. The shoe is compatible with all 3-hole cleats and Look Delta systems used by peloton pedals.

The upper is made of Techpro microfiber, which is extremely breathable. Hot spots will no longer bother you when combined with the closure system, which consists of two Techno3 push dials and a hook and loop strap.

The sole of a typical cycling shoe is a composite of twelve carbon fibers, which increases rigidity. As a result, during spinning workouts, the sole rigidity increases power transfer from the feet to the pedals.

It has a heel cup for an encapsulated fit, which adds to the comfort of the shoe. The replaceable anti-slip heel pad and toe vent system improve both safety and comfort.

The shoe is not only comfortable, but it also lasts longer thanks to double-stitched seams in all of the high-wear areas. Then there’s the vented side area, which is designed to allow your feet to breathe more easily.

  • In every way, it is comfortable.
  • Inner shoe design that is highly breathable.
  • A super rigid bottom ensures power transfer.
  • The shoe design and closure system provide a secure fit.
  • The Ergo shoe is not cheap.


  • The SH-RP100 (RP1) is a Versatile 5-Hole Outsole: Compatible with both SPD / 2-hole and SPD-SL 3-hole cleats and clip-in pedals
  • Stiff and Lightweight Sole: Fibreglass reinforced sole for maximum power transfer
  • Simple and Secure Fit: Double strap closure for a comfortable and snug fit
  • Durable Construction: Made from synthetic leather for long-lasting performance
  • Pedaling Performance: Comfortable fit and optimum support for pedaling power and efficiency

These shoes are designed in the wide cycling shoe style and are available in sizes 36 to 52. The wide range on the upper side is already a good indication of wider feet. You’ll have some toe space, which will help prevent blisters and hot spots. 

Similarly, the Velcro straps and buckle not only keep your foot safe but also allow for adjustment depending on the intensity of your cycling. The shoes have a universal cleat system and are thus appropriate for peloton cycling and spinning.

 You can use them for peloton spinning as well as track cycling events. Commuting in shoes is convenient because they allow you to walk without slipping and falling. The sole is not as stiff as that of most cycling shoes.

The upper shoe material is a high-density leather composite that ensures durability. It is highly perforated, allowing for aeration and breathability.

  • They are a godsend for people with wide feet or feet that swell during workouts.
  • The upper material is perforated throughout to allow for breathability and foot aeration.
  • They are versatile because you can not only spin in them but also walk short distances in them.
  • Because the sole is not completely stiff, power transfer efficiency is reduced.


  • Upper Material: Techpro microfiber
  • Closure: 2 Techno3 Push dials, Hook-and-Loop strap
  • Sole: Twelve Carbon Composite
  • Cleat Compatibility: 3-bolt
  • Recommended Use: road cycling

This shoe is made for people with wide feet, giving them the comfort they need while spinning and cycling. You can use the shoes for indoor spinning and cycling as well as outdoor cycling. It is 3-hole cleat compatible, making it ideal for Look Delta or SPD-SL cleats on your Peloton bike.

The upper material is made of durable Techpro microfiber and has perforations to improve aeration. The closure system consists of two Techno 3 push dials and a hook and loop strap that keep the feet in place and thus safe. The reinforced heel cup improves foot safety.

The under sole is a combination of 12 carbon blends that ensures the stiffness of a competitive cycling shoe. The pair has a replaceable anti-slip heel pad and toe vent system, which will come in handy during long cycling sessions.

  • The sole is made of 12 carbon composites, which adds stiffness. This translates to improved power transfer efficiency.
  • Vented Techpro microfiber top to allow for breathability of the feet.
  • Three push dials and a hook and loop strap form a secure closure system.
  • It was too stiff to walk in. To get to the workout area, you’ll need to put on an extra pair of shoes.


  • Upper: microtech microfibre mesh
  • Sole: Millenium 5 sole

The Sidi Genius 7 Mega is the ideal shoe for people with wide feet. The upper is made of a techno microfiber synthetic material, which makes it durable, lightweight, breathable, water repellent, and quick drying. The velcro straps have additional teeth to keep your shoe secure at all times. 

The shoe also has a two-way ratchet for ease of use and a padded tongue to eliminate pressure points. The Sidi Genius 7 also has a carbon composite outsole for improved power efficiency.

  • Specifically designed for people with wider feet.
  • System of advanced closure.
  • The carbon outsole provides efficient power transfer.
  • Resistant to water.
  • It’s comfortable.
  • There are none that we can find.

Last Thoughts

So there you have it, our best peloton shoes for wide feet. When looking for a performance shoe, the first things to consider are fit and comfort. A shoe that does not fit properly cannot perform its function. 

As a result, cyclists with wide feet should consider cycling shoes designed specifically for wide feet. We hope this guide has assisted you in locating the best shoe for your needs. Have a safe ride!