Best Peloton Shoes To Buy on Amazon in 2022

Best Peloton Shoes

You’ve completed your first few Peloton or Soul cycle spin classes and determined that this is something you’re truly passionate about. The following, and perhaps most critical, step is to acquire one of the best peloton shoes!

Who in their right mind wants to wear another person’s filthy sock?


You were renting shoes that numerous strangers have worn, and their sweaty feet are equivalent to wearing their dirty socks. Additionally, you cannot truly enjoy indoor cycling without wearing shoes that you have chosen for yourself. Naturally, the next most critical step is to acquire compatible spin shoes for SoulCycle, Peloton, or any other spin class!

The challenge now is determining which shoe is optimal for use on a peloton bike. Finding the right shoe on your own can be a little challenging. However, we’ve compiled a shortlist of the Best Peloton Shoes that are available on Amazon to assist you.

Best Peloton Shoes Available on Amazon

How Do I Select the Best Cycling Shoes for My Peloton Bike?

Do you want to buy peloton bike shoes but don’t know how to choose the best one for you? That is perfectly acceptable! I did some research to give you some pointers on how to choose the best peloton bike shoes. Let’s get started:

Best Cycling Shoes for My Peloton Bike

Budgeting is critical!

The budget is extremely important when selecting any product. If you are looking for a shoe for road biking, touring, or racing, you must create a balanced spending plan.

The price will now be higher if you want better quality and featured shoes for men or women. There are many brands and products available in stores and on the internet, but not all of them are of high quality. As a result, you must choose wisely based on quality and budget.

Shoe Designs

The design of shoes is critical to find the best one in terms of looks and adjustments. We recommend choosing a product that does not make you feel heavy or uncomfortable while wearing it.

To gain more control and efficiency while paddling, the shoes must be breathable, lightweight, and stable. You’ll also need a product with a variety of designs and colors to choose from. It would be preferable if you searched for trendy designs online.

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Choose the Correct Size

To begin, we believe it is critical to obtain the proper size for use on forefeet. It gets better if you consider the shoe size from the start to wear it correctly without getting hurt.

You must indeed purchase shoes one size larger to move freely. In addition, the heels and arch should be given the most support possible so that paddling is as easy as possible. As a result, we recommend that you select shoes that are the proper size.

Simple to Wear

Bike shoes must be comfortable, simple, and easy to slip on and off. Yes, you read that correctly, as the length and width of the shoe must be easy to get in and out of.

So, what’s the big deal? Most people wear shoes because they are easy to slip on and off. As a result, you should select a product with an easy buckle or strap to slip in and out. In addition, clipless shoes may provide the coolest option for getting in and out at any time.

Look for a Reliable Closure System.

Another thing we’d like to recommend is that you select a shoe with a good closure option. The shoe protection can be quickly locked with a buckle or strap as a closure option.

It is a must-have for beginners because it protects them from getting a secure lock while riding a bike. To ride like a pro, men’s and women’s indoor cycling shoes must have a cutting-edge closure system. It provides maximum support to fit on the forefeet while remaining safe to avoid accidents.

Look for Shoe Soles

The soles of the shoes, like everything else, are essential when selecting any shoes to wear. The material used in shoe soles had to be examined because one would be unable to pedal without it.

It must also be durable and stable to be used for a long time. The shoe soles are made of two different materials: carbon and nylon. Carbone soles are ideal for peloton bikes because they are popular, firm, and light for both men and women.

Unisex Breathable Mesh

The breathable mesh is ideal for keeping sweat, dirt, and filth at bay. As a result, both men and women must select a shoe with a breathable mesh or fabric.

Why is this the case? We like it because it helps to reduce sweating by providing amazing airflow that goes right into the feet to soothe. This item is extremely useful during a cycling race or competition. In addition, the breathable mesh helps to avoid dampness or wetness for a more comfortable ride.

Cleats and Pedals with 3 Bolts

In our experience, 3-bolt cleats and pedals are useful for getting the right fit. The 3-bolt cleats help to support the paddle so that it fits properly and does not fall off. It provides safety when adjusting clips into pedals.

The amazing fit of 3-bolt cleats and pedals allows you to pedal faster and more efficiently. It also boosts confidence when pedaling quickly. As a result, we think it’s fantastic for fitting properly on both men’s and women’s shoes.

Gender-Specific Shoe Selection

It is common for both men and women to purchase a shoe that corresponds to their gender identity. Choosing shoes based on gender aids in handling, according to our findings.

Research indicates that size, length, and width are important when purchasing a shoe for men or women. Women should wear shoes that are smaller in size, length, and width. The larger ones, on the other hand, are ideal for men’s feet. So keep that in mind when shopping for shoes.

Excellent Warranty and Delivery Support

For repairing or restoring, a warranty and delivery support are required terms. With these options, it provides excellent support for returning the incorrectly delivered product. So, opt for a shoe with a good warranty and delivery support.

The peloton bike shoes may come with a two-year or one-year warranty for replacement. In addition, delivery support will provide quality, extra features, quantity, and shipment location information. As a result, we recommend selecting a product that offers a good warranty and delivery support.

Look for Heel Linings that are Non-Slip

Cycling shoes with non-slip heel linings are essential for maintaining a straight posture. It also reduces the possibility of injury while pedaling due to the slip-free lining.

In our experience, peloton bike shoes must be non-slip to pedal faster and more efficiently. It also aids in preventing slippage on wet or muddy surfaces.

We believe that having a peloton bike shoe is essential for pedaling without slippage. As a result, choose indoor cycling shoes that will not fall or slip away.

Best Peloton Shoes To Buy on Amazon

To make it easier for you to choose the best Peloton cycling shoes, we’ve divided them into men’s and women’s categories. In addition, the list below includes footwear with SPD, SPD-SL, or Looks Cleats.

Best Peloton Bike Shoes For Men


  • The SH-RP100 (RP1) is a Versatile 5-Hole Outsole: Compatible with both SPD / 2-hole and SPD-SL 3-hole cleats and clip-in pedals
  • Stiff and Lightweight Sole: Fibreglass reinforced sole for maximum power transfer
  • Simple and Secure Fit: Double strap closure for a comfortable and snug fit
  • Durable Construction: Made from synthetic leather for long-lasting performance
  • Pedaling Performance: Comfortable fit and optimum support for pedaling power and efficiency

The Shimano SH-RP1 is our top pick as an excellent fit for Peloton cycling. This Peloton compatible shoe performs exceptionally well with SPD and SPD-SL cleats, making it an excellent choice for Look Delta Cleats as well. As such, whether this is your first pair of cycling shoes or a replacement, you cannot go wrong with the SH-RP1.

Shimano’s SH-RP1 shoe is a comfortable fit for individuals with a medium foot width. The SH-RP1 is one of the best spinning shoes for Peloton bikes on the market today.

It is a lightweight shoe with superior stiffness that aids in power transfer while cycling. Additionally, the only con is that they may run small, so ordering a size up is advised.

Furthermore, this shoe and others in the Shimano lineup meet one of our most important comfort criteria — ventilation. Because of their adequate breathability and cooling holes, the RP1s will keep your feet cool and dry. Overall, these shoes strike a good balance between functionality, price, and comfort.


  • Micro adjustable buckle for fine tuned fit and comfort
  • Nylon fiberglass sole with air-flow vents
  • Synthetic microfiber leather with breathable mesh
  • Designed for comfort
  • Compatible with: 2 or 3 bolt including Look Delta (Peloton compatible), Look Keo, SPD, SPD-R & SPD-SL cleats (cleats and pedals sold separately)

The Gavin Elite Road Shoes are our top pick for a budget Peloton cycling shoe. They strike the ideal balance of utility, comfort, and affordability. These shoes are compatible with various cleat styles, including Look, SPD, SPD-SL, and SPD-R. 

In short, they are an excellent choice for any serious cyclist or Peloton enthusiast, as they eliminate the need for cleat style concerns.

The Gavin Elite Road Shoe also excels in terms of style and fit. It features one micro-adjustable buckle and two angled velcro straps. This setup enables you to fine-tune the shoe’s feel while also allowing for a more comfortable fit for people with slightly wider feet.


  • Over curve: asymmetrical construction that ergonomically conforms to the foot's anatomy
  • Microtel upper: supple yet strong and durable for a comfortable and consistent fit
  • R5 nylon composite outsole: delivers balance between Comfort And pedaling efficiency
  • Tempo: versatility road series designed for the most enjoyable riding experience
  • Road: designed and engineered to perform on paved roads, from the smoothest tarmac to the most demanding pave

If there has ever been a road cycling shoe deserving of a five-star rating, it is the Fizik R5s. Fizik’s brand has always been known for producing high-quality products that strike the perfect balance between beauty, passion, and speed.

This Fizik Peloton compatible shoe blends style, comfort, and versatility into a compact, streamlined package. The Fizik R5 shoe is undoubtedly the most visually pleasing Peloton bike footwear we’ve tested, with nine distinct style choices.

Additionally, it comes in SPD and three-hole SPD-SL configurations that are compatible with Look Delta Cleats.

Apart from functionality, the Fizik R5 Road Cycling Shoe features an easy-to-enter and easy-to-exit design. Additionally, the shoe’s foot-wrapping Velcro closure design (BOA IP1-B dial) makes adjusting the fit a breeze. 

Therefore, if you’re looking for a shoe that complements the Peloton bike’s aesthetics while providing smooth power transfer to the pedals, a pair of Fizik R5s is the shoe for you.


  • The SH-IC500 (IC5) is an Indoor Cycling Specific Shoe: specifically designed for the demands of indoor cycling
  • Compatible with SPD / 2-hole Cleats: use with many indoor cycling studio bikes
  • Efficient Power Transfer: stiff sole and snug fit transfers your power straight to the pedals
  • Easy to Walk In: grippy rubber sole and recessed cleat make walking a breeze
  • Quick and Precise Adjustment: the BOAⓇ Dial and wide strap make it easy to find your perfect fit

Everyone is familiar with and fond of Shimano shoes! And if you ask any spin class instructor which shoes they recommend, you’re almost certain to hear a lot of praise for Shimano. 

The Shimano SH-IC500 is an excellent spin shoe. It is SPD cleat compatible; however, you must purchase the cleats separately.

Given that this is a women’s shoe, the design is quite stylish. It is constructed with a breathable sock mesh upper that allows for maximum airflow during intense cycling classes. 

Also, the BOA L6 dial simplifies the process of putting on and tightening the shoe to your feet. Additionally, like other Shimano models, this shoe provides excellent power transfer from your feet to the pedals. 

Due to the full-length reinforced plate, this shoe provides excellent cycling performance. You’ll also find it comfortable to walk around in it, as it features a full-length rubber sole.


  • VERSATILE & COMPATIBILITY: By blending comfort and performance together, we've created an amazingly versatile shoe that is perfect for road riding, commuting, touring, and spin class. The cleat area is compatible with every cleat type on the market, including Look Delta and the Peloton Bike, offering the perfect platform no matter what pedals you ride. THE GOOD NEWS: This is a combination set comes with one pair of shoes, pair of Delta cleats.
  • SHOES: Features the award-winning technology for performance. Quick-drying, highly-breathable mesh and synthetic upper. Textile lining with removable sockliner. Low-cut construction for a light, fast fit and feel. Flexible forefoot and a running shoe beveled heel.
  • CLEATS: High quality set of Look Delta system widely used for spin bikes such as Peloton. The cleats with a 9 degree floating which ensures comfortable riding compared with fixed cleats. The adjustable floating resistance is an extra bonus.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Great shoes and delta cleats value package for indoor spin bikes such as Peloton bike pedals.
  • ORDER NOW, WORRY FREE! We're so confident about our product quality that we can provide 2-year warranty! Made in Taiwan.

The Venzo Black shoe is equipped with award-winning technology for peloton bike performance. It features a breathable mesh design that wicks moisture away from the body and absorbs sweat for a more comfortable ride.

Additionally, the shoe features a removable and reversible textile lining. With three Velcro straps, you can easily put on and take off. Additionally, the cleat area is compatible with every type of cleat available on the market.

Unlike other peloton-compatible shoes, it features a low-cut design that ensures you feel light while racing. The quick-drying, 9-degree floating and highly breathable mesh ensure maximum comfort when riding a bike indoors or outdoors for an extended period.

Additionally, this shoe is made entirely of synthetic material, ensuring that no unpleasant odors or odors permeate your feet. Additionally, it ensures ease of use.

This best cycling shoe for Peloton is a significant purchase for those who value comfort and high-quality sneakers. Additionally, it integrates seamlessly with all Shimano SPD and Looks ARC Delta pedal systems.


  • 【DURABLE& COMFORTABLE 】Cycling Shoes is designed with highly-breathable synthetic mesh upper, a unique mountain lock and road lock; Perforated synthetic leather composite uppers enable superior fit and breathability.
  • 【Pedal Compatibility】Cycling shoes are unisex, and compatible with 2 or 3 bolt cleat/pedal systems including Look Delta, SPD, SPD-R&SPD-SL and exercise bike.
  • 【Breathability&Stability】The unibody construction matches strategically placed large mesh inserts with ultrathin reinforced material to deliver unrivalled breathability and target stability.
  • 【Quick Adjustment】The upper is designed with a portable rotating buckle, which is easy to put on and take off, and it only takes 10 seconds to put on and take off.
  • 【Cycling】These high performance cycling shoes are equally comfortable on all day road rides, bike race, road cycling or intense indoor cycling classes and training sessions,etc.

If you want to mix and match the cleats in your peloton cycling shoes, SANYES cycling shoes allow you to do so flawlessly. High-performance footwear made of TPU and nylon features a synthetic sole that is comfortable for all-day road rides or training sessions.

The SANYES peloton-compatible shoes feature a one-piece construction that combines wide mesh inserts with ultrathin reinforced material to provide unmatched breathability and stability.

The comfortable and breathable nature, combined with the high level of sweat absorption, keeps your feet dry and comfortable when riding. They feature two-notch systems that allow for on-the-go micro-adjustments with a simple twist of a dial with a large aperture that makes putting them on a breeze.

These cycling shoes are unisex and compatible with SPD-style cleats with two bolts and SPD-SL cleats with three bolts. The cleat area is well-matched to all cleat types, including Look Delta and Peloton Bike, which distinguishes them. 

It can also be used for various other activities, including mountain climbing, road or indoor cycling, travel, and spinning.

Best Peloton Cycling Shoes For Women


  • BREATHABILITY and COMFORT: Engineered mesh and an athletic textile upper allows your foot to breathe throughout class.
  • CONVENIENCE: The recessed SPD cleat assembly and rubber outsole allow you to easily get around the studio while off the bike.
  • PERFORMANCE: SPD compatible (cleats sold separately), with durable nylon cycling shank underfoot. (Please note: SPD cleats are a 2-bolt system, these shoes are not compatible with a 3-bolt Delta cleat)
  • STYLE: The Slipstream is the original slip-on, single-strap cycling shoe, available in an array of colors to compliment your style.
  • SIZING: We recommend choosing a half size down from your normal athletic shoe size for a secure, optimal fit. Sizes shown are US Women's sizes.

Suppose you’re looking for a shoe that strikes the perfect balance of style, performance, and functionality. In that case, the TIEM Slipstream is an excellent choice. It breathes well, thanks to the mesh toe section.

Additionally, it features recessed cleats that make walking around easier before and after your Peloton live classes.

Since it is only compatible with SPD, the TIEM SlipStream falls slightly short in terms of adaptability to the Peloton indoor bike. However, the simple solution is to quickly replace the regular pedals that came with your bike with one of the pedals mentioned below.

While adaptability is a disadvantage of this shoe, it more than compensates in style. The Slipstream collection is available in six fashionable colors and designs. 

Additionally, you’ll have no difficulty getting into and out of these shoes due to their slip-on design and strap. What’s more, the TIEM Slipstreams are true to size.

Therefore, if you prefer style and comfort, we recommend purchasing these or the Pearl Izumi in addition to SPD compatible pedals.


  • Bonded Seamless Upper delivers all-day riding comfort
  • 1:1 Anatomic 3-Strap Closure removes pressure from your instep to eliminate hot spots
  • SELECT 1:1 Nylon Composite Power Plate for lightweight stiffness and durability
  • Lugged rubber outsole provides superior traction and durability for off-the-bike adventures
  • SELECT insole provides excellent longitudinal and transverse arch support

The Pearl iZumi is another outstanding cycling shoe that works well with Peloton when SPD pedals are used. It is available in two distinct colorways: black/shadow grey and white/shadow grey. It is suitable for use on the road or indoors.

We chose the Pearl Izumi’s because of their durability and outsole style with recessed cleats. This design makes it easy to walk around in the Pearl iZumi before or after your journey. Furthermore, the Pearl iZumi is lined with a smooth, breathable fabric that is perfect for sensitive feet.

The Pearl iZumi All-Road V4 Cycling Shoe’s only drawback is the stiffness of the top strap and shoe sizing. As such, we recommend ordering a size and a half larger for individuals with medium foot width. Individuals with narrow feet should be fine purchasing one size larger.


  • THE FOUNDATION FOR A GREAT RIDE: A classic road cycling shoe for women that’s comfortable and capably equipped for adventures on the open road
  • COMFORTABLE AND SUPPORTIVE FIT: Breathable microfiber and mesh upper for supple-yet-supportive fit and great breathability
  • EASY FIT ADJUSTMENT: Classic 3-strap closure offers fast, intuitive fitting with ability to adjust on-the-fly and a wide range of adjustment
  • POWERFUL PEDALING: Injected nylon outsole for great power transfer, with stainless steel hardware and molded heel pads for durability
  • COMFORTABLE SUPPORT AND UNIVERSAL CLEAT COMPATIBLE: Includes die-cut EVA footbed with medium arch support. Works with both 2-bolt and 3-bolt pedal/cleat systems including Look, Shimano SPD/SPD-SL, Time, etc. Some systems may require an adapter

Giro Techne shoes are also excellent substitutes for Peloton’s standard cycling shoes. It features the standard three-strap velcro design, which allows for the most comfortable fit possible during those long rides. Additionally, the shoe is compatible with three-hole Look Delta Cleats or two-hole SPDs. It features clear markings for precise cleat placement.

Comfort is also a feature of the Giro Techne, thanks to the shoe’s excellent ventilation provided by breathable mesh materials and air holes on the outsole. Sizing is hit or miss with this shoe, as most customers had to try multiple pairs before finding the right fit. As such, we recommend ordering a size and a half larger if you have wide feet and a size larger if your feet are medium width. They will most likely fit true to size if you have narrow feet.

Nonetheless, given the Giro Techne’s price and versatility, we’re confident they’ll pair well with your Peloton bike.


  • BREATHABILITY and COMFORT: Engineered mesh and an athletic textile upper allows your foot to breathe throughout class.
  • CONVENIENCE: The recessed SPD cleat assembly and rubber outsole allow you to easily get around the studio while off the bike.
  • PERFORMANCE: SPD compatible (cleats sold separately), with durable nylon cycling shank underfoot. (Please note: SPD cleats are a 2-bolt system, these shoes are not compatible with a 3-bolt Delta cleat)
  • STYLE: The Slipstream is the original slip-on, single-strap cycling shoe, available in an array of colors to compliment your style.
  • SIZING: We recommend choosing a half size down from your normal athletic shoe size for a secure, optimal fit. Sizes shown are US Women's sizes.

The TIEM slipstream provides maximum comfort and style for women and is an excellent choice for soul cycle compatibility. It is available in seven different colors and has a slip-on design. Unlike other cleated shoes, the TIEM slipstream features a recessed SPD cleat design that makes walking around the studio a breeze.

Additionally, it features a breathable mesh toe box to keep your feet cool as you power through your classes. Additionally, it features a single strap closure, which simplifies putting on and taking off this shoe. However, keep in mind that this shoe does not include SPD cleats, so you will need to purchase them separately. Additionally, you do not need to worry about whether they will work on SoulCycle bikes, as soul spin bikes are also SPD compatible.


  • BUILT FOR INDOOR CYCLING AND PELOTON: Everything about the Tommaso Pista was specifically designed to offer riders the best performance and value possible, at a great price. Dual cleat compatibility means that no matter what pedal system your class uses, the Pista will work perfectly. Please Note: this selection comes with LOOK DELTA cleats (Peloton Compatible). If you need SPD cleats for your indoor cycling class class, please select the bundle with those cleats.
  • BUILT FOR INDOOR CYCLING & PELOTON: Delta Cleats already installed! Everything about the Tommaso Pista was specifically designed to offer indoor cycling class riders the best performance and value possible, at a great price. Dual cleat compatibility means that no matter what pedal system your class uses, the Pista will work perfectly. Please Note: this selection comes with LOOK DELTA cleats (Peloton Compatible). If you need SPD cleats, please select the bundle with those cleats.
  • COMFORTABLE: Durable synthetic leather upper, and just the right amount of padding, allows the Pista to hug your foot for all day comfort. Ventilated mesh portions help to cool your feet with ease.
  • QUALITY & PRECISION FIT: Low profile Velcro straps offer precision ergonomic fit, adding comfort and security to all of your rides. 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. Please use Size Chart Image to ensure correct fit.
  • GET A BETTER WORKOUT: Exercise the full range of muscles, by being able to push and pull on every revolution. Get the most out of every pedals stroke with our fiberglass reinforced sole, which provides optimal stiffness and maximizes power transfer. This breakthrough technology allows users to ride longer and faster using less energy.

The Tommaso Pista shoe is a top-rated budget peloton shoe for women who attend spin classes. This shoe is compatible with SPD or Look Delta cleats, allowing you to pedal on either side of the SoulCycle bike or the peloton bike. Additionally, Tommaso Pista provides exceptional comfort with its durable synthetic leather upper and low-profile velcro straps.

We loved that Tommaso also includes a two-year warranty with these shoes, ensuring that you can confidently purchase them. Everything about this shoe is worth admiring. It comes in various colors, making it simple to find a pair that matches your style.


  • VERSATILE: Cycling shoes for women can transition from an indoor spin class to a CrossFit workout and out to the coffee shop. 2-bolt SPD cleat compatible
  • COMFORT: Seamless mesh forefoot provides breathability and all-day riding comfort. Easy to walk recessed-cleat design
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: Using our experience with bike shoes, we’ve built in stiffness for comfortable pedaling, but left enough give in the toe area to walk normally
  • DESIGN: Booty construction with single strap for easy on/off in busy studio environment
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: All our products are manufactured with the highest quality materials to the best quality standards; but if for any reason you want to make a return we are here to help you!

Pearl Izumi’s is one of the most popular brands of women’s spin class shoes on the market. It is extremely stylish and provides excellent comfort. Additionally, the breathable upper sole significantly reduces the typical foot hot spots associated with other spin shoes. 

The Izumi’s are SPD compatible, which means they will work on both SoulCycle and Peloton bikes if the pedals are swapped.

Additionally, these shoes include an anti-microbial upper mesh that aids in the resistance of bacteria that cause odor and fungus. As a result, you won’t have to worry about your spin shoe stinking after a few months. 

Additionally, it features additional ventilation holes in the sole to allow for increased airflow through the shoe as you spin.

In general, the Pearl Izumi’s are excellent spinning shoes that we recommend for virtually any spin class.

Can You Ride a Peloton Bike in Regular Shoes?

To begin with, you do not need peloton brand shoes to ride the peloton bikes; however, the company does recommend them. If you use your regular sneakers for your Peloton, you might feel a little uneasy. As a result, it is best to purchase Peloton-compatible toe cages. 

Any shoes with 3-bolt cleats can also be used as peloton bike shoes. Finally, peloton bike shoes should have a good locking system and soles.

On the other hand, peloton bikes accept standard cycling paddles, and the stock paddles can be removed and replaced. Furthermore, it has a standard 9/16′′ threaded spindle that is compatible with most pedals. As a result, you can get another set of your favorite pedals and swap them out on the bike.

Choose a pair of shoes that are not too heavy and have a nice design. Furthermore, the shoes you purchase must be stable, as you will need efficiency and added control while pedaling.