Best Peloton Shoes of 2022 – For Those Who Want To Be The Best

Are you looking for the best peloton shoes? Do you want to be the best, but don’t know where to start? We have compiled a list of the Top 5 Best Peloton Shoes on the market in 2021. These are perfect for any level rider and will help you achieve your goals!

The Best Peloton Shoes are the ones that will keep you going. The shoes have to be comfortable, lightweight, and durable, or they’re not worth your time. They should have a good grip on the inside and outside to give you friction. They should also have a strong sole to withstand the pressure of your foot on the pedal.

Best Peloton Shoes Reviews of 2021

Picking the perfect Best Peloton Shoes can be tough in 2021, but we have a list of top-rated products to help you narrow down your search. Here is our breakdown:

Tommaso Pista Women’s Indoor Cycling Shoe bundle is an excellent product for the women out there! It comes with a Look Delta cleat (black, blue, pink, and white) and an SPD cleat (black). The Tommaso Pista offers great stability. It also has a high level of durability. This is due to the material that is used for manufacturing it. The shoe has a padded collar and tongue which makes for added comfort, grip, and stability.

The Tommaso’s sole is made from a rubber that has been created specifically for indoor cycling shoes with perfect grip both on the inside as well as outside of the shoe. This reduces slipping while you are pedaling on those slippery floors! The soles also have carbon inserts which help provide power transfer into your pedal strokes so you can push harder without hurting yourself or getting tired too quickly.

  • Comes with Look Delta (black, blue, pink, and white) and SPD cleat (black)
  • Great stability
  • High durability due to material used for manufacturing
  • Padded collar and tongue for comfort, grip, and stability
  • A bit pricey

What Our Reviewer Says

I love these shoes. They are wide enough for my feet. I read the reviews and went up one size to be sure they would fit because Peloton clips can’t always attach otherwise. My favorite part is that there’s no need to adjust anything on the bike – it just works!

The Venzo Bicycle Men’s Road Cycling Riding Shoes is a great choice. These shoes have been made with the comfort and performance of the cyclist in mind. Made from synthetic leather, this shoe is durable and can withstand the wear and tear of outdoor cycling

The outer sole is made of plastic to provide a good grip on both the inside and outside of the shoe. The heel has been created with a PU lining for increased comfort. These shoes are equipped with three elastic straps that are compatible with any Peloton SPD or Look ARC Delta cleats.

  • Designed with comfort and performance for cyclists in mind
  • Made from synthetic leather to withstand the wear and tear of outdoor cycling
  • Equipped with three elastic straps that are compatible with any Peloton SPD or Look ARC Delta cleats.
  • A bit pricey
  • Not very durable and will start to tear after a few wears.

What Our Reviewer Says

We recently got a Bike+ and were thrilled to find out the Peloton cycling shoes came in wide! My husband has always had trouble finding bike-specific shoes that fit his feet well so we opted for these. They are perfect with our new cycle, awesome colors too!

The Tommaso Strada 100 is the perfect cycling shoe for all of your indoor workouts. The upper of the shoe has a stretchy mesh which gives you the most breathable option available. There are no thick seams that make this cycling shoe better in comfort than the other options on the market.

The toe box has plenty of room so that your feet move freely without any hesitation. The dual-cleat compatible building plate ensures that you can attach and detach clips quickly while on an indoor cycle. This makes it easier for you to change your shoes if needed, or simply grab a drink from the fridge.

The Tommaso Strada 100 Pedal Shoe has been providing benefits to cyclists for years, and now you can too.

  • the most breathable cycling shoe on the market
  • no thick seams for more comfort
  • not as durable as other options without a price increase.

What Our Reviewer Says

This shoe is perfect for any cyclist looking for a comfortable, easy-to-put on and off cleat to wear. I’ve used it throughout 25-mile rides with no problems or complaints whatsoever!

The Scurtain Unisex Mens Womens Cycling Shoes is a great pair of shoes for those who are looking for the best cycling shoes that support their workout routine. With these shoes, all they have to do is put on the shoe and go! The shoe has a durable strap that does not break or stretch. This allows people to feel comfortable with the product without any worries.

Their soles are made out of rubber which provides them with comfort due to the material being soft and supple. It provides the rider with stability as they ride their bike and also makes sure there are no slips or falls while riding bikes.

This cycling shoe can also be used both indoors and outdoors which means you don’t need to worry about wearing these shoes outside of the house.

  • Durable strap
  • Rubber soles make it comfortable to wear indoors and outdoors
  • Does not provide arch support which may be uncomfortable for some.

What Our Reviewer Says

I was super skeptical when I ordered these because the price seemed too good to be true. But after wearing them, they are so comfortable and my feet don’t hurt anymore!

It’s like walking on clouds with some support underneath me. The colors look great and go well with everything in my closet. Honestly, this is a purchase you won’t regret!

The Venzo Women’s Cycling Shoes are designed with a stiff, semi-rigid outsole that is made specifically for indoor cycling shoes. They are compatible with the most popular cycling pedals on the market, including Peloton Shimano SPD & Look ARC Delta

The Velcro straps ensure the shoes stay securely on your feet while you are pedaling, and the mesh fabric provides airflow to keep your feet cool. Ideal for any indoor bike riders.

  • Fits the most popular cycling pedals on the market
  • Velcro straps ensure shoes stay securely in place when pedaling while mesh fabric provides ventilation to keep your feet cool
  • The stiff, semi-rigid outsole can cause some discomfort for riders with wide feet.

What Our Reviewer Says

I was looking for a shoe that could work with my Peloton bike and be comfortable enough to wear during pregnancy. The size 7 fit perfectly, had some extra room but still made me feel supported; the material is also very lightweight so I can ride longer without getting tired on those long rides!

Peloton bike shoes made by R ROYDEAR are perfect for those who want to be the best. These SPD riding shoes indoor/outdoor are compatible with most other bike types, but work the best with Peloton bikes. These shoes feature a durable and stiff sole so you can be confident that your feet will stay in place no matter how fast you pedal.

The elastic tongue also ensures that your foot is locked securely in place without pinching or discomfort. With these comfortable shoes, your feet will be able to pedal effortlessly for hours on end just like you were doing in the comfort of your own home!

These cycling shoes are made to last– not just because they’re constructed with durable materials, but also due to the breathable mesh upper and wear-resistant nylon sole that help keep you cool.

This spinning shoe is practical for wearing and taking off, due to its adjustable buckle & hook, and loop design. It also makes the shoe light so that a person can ride longer without tiring out their feet. The lightweight material maximizes stiffness while providing power transfer to give users more speed when riding with less effort – making it perfect for any cyclist!

  • comfortable
  • breathable
  • lightweight materials for a stiffer sole and increased performance
  • not as supportive for those with wider feet

What Our Reviewer Says

I just got a pair of these shoes and I’m so excited! They’re perfect for my Peloton bike. These sneakers are super easy to get in & out, they feel great on the ride (very comfortable) AND they look awesome too- not that you should be looking at your feet when biking but still 😉 The best part is how affordable this shoe was. Definitely worth it if you love riding bikes like me!!

CyclingDeal Universal Cleat Mount Men’s Cycling Shoes are a perfect pair of shoes for those who are looking for something to keep them in shape. These shoes will work with any type of bike and can be mounted on the pedal so that they are comfortable. The shoes are made of synthetic materials that were chosen specifically for their durability and comfort.

The universal compatibility of the shoes makes them a perfect fit for any 2-bolt or 3-bolt cleat system. The included LOOK DELTA steel and rubber SPD cleats are compatible with all LOOK Delta spin bikes as well as road bikes, while also being exactly the same size as Peloton’s own pedal systems. This means that riders can swap between pedals without having to adjust their tension every time they switch equipment!

The highly breathable design of the shoes is one that you will enjoy from morning to night. The mesh upper and perforated shoe tongues, heavily-perforated EVA insoles are designed for airflow with vents made at specific positions so your feet can breathe without overheating on a long ride.

Are you tired of having to take your shoes off and put them back on while working out? Upgrade those original Peloton cleats with these non-slip, textured surface carbon fiber-nylon composite materials. It will give you extra safety when walking across the tile or wood flooring without any need for taking your shoes off at all!

  • Universal compatibility
  • Breathable design
  • Non Slip surface
  • Some people may not like the feel of synthetic shoes on their feet

What Our Reviewer Says

I am a fitness fanatic who utilizes the Peloton Bike for most of my workouts. I have been riding it at least four to five times per week since getting it two years ago, and luckily they included a bike-compatible shoe with mine! The first pair was great but then I tried these new and even better ones, as they provide more grip on both wet or dry surfaces without slipping when you get off.

Buying Guide of Best Peloton shoes

There are lots of things to consider when buying the best Peloton shoes, but these five tips and considerations will make your process easier.

Shoe Comfort: 

Peloton shoes are made for comfort. They provide support and cushioning, while also being lightweight and breathable. The socks that come with the shoe will usually be thin without giving you blisters or rubbing your feet wrong when wearing them. So, if a shoe is comfortable to wear in store then it should feel just as good at home!


Most of us know our size already but some people may need help deciding which one they might go for based on their foot’s measurements (e.g., width). I am sure most stores will have measuring tapes nearby so you can figure out what size would best suit you before buying any shoe from here on out too – whether it’s running shoes or casual shoes.


The price will depend on what style of Peloton shoes it is – whether they are high-end sneakers, regular tennis shoes, online exercise specific workout attire (e.g., socks), etc.; however, most people can afford some type of these items at any cost range that may fit your budget.


The types of Peloton shoes change often so if you don’t want to go through all the trouble trying every single one in the store, then do some research for what the latest trend is like on their website. You can also find out which type of shoe you would need to walk/run or exercise with by looking into a running shoe guide first – before buying anything from here!


Here’s another important thing to consider when buying the best Peloton shoes. If you plan on wearing them often, such as for running or going out at night then they will have to be durable enough so that they don’t get worn down quickly nor break too easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about the best peloton shoes? If yes, then this FAQ section might help you because here you will get to know common questions about the best peloton shoes.

What are the best peloton shoes?

The best recommendations for peloton shoes right now are the Tommaso Pista Cycling Shoe. The Tommaso Pista is a great choice for riders of all types. It offers quality and fit not found anywhere else in cycling product manufacturing. 

Made from Italian micro fiber – this shoe will keep your feet dry and cool while offering excellent pedaling efficiency going up hills or coasting downhill, thanks to the heel-actuated clipless pedal attachment system. Another benefit is that these shoes are designed to address cyclist’s needs with their technical features such as a peg on the front.

How often should I replace my cycling shoes?

It depends on the activity associated with the cycling shoes. If you’re just riding, then replace them every 2 years, but if you ride and do other exercises such as CrossFit or running, speak to a specialist about your needs.

I wear my cycling shoes for up to 12 hours a day Monday through Saturday when I work at an indoor bike shop (8hours on my feet + 4hours walking and kneeling around), so I change mine roughly once every 2 months, even though they have over a year left in their life cycle. 

But that’s because we make custom orthotics inside the shoe for arch support and for plantar fasciitis relief (which is pretty common with people who stand all day) so it makes the shoe last longer.

What types of shoes are best for bike riding?

The type of shoes you should wear biking really depends on your personality and style. If you like to look nice and have a more formal look, then probably dress shoes are better for you. 

If you’re someone who likes comfort, I would recommend sneakers because they offer the most amount of support. It all boils down to how outlandish or casual you want to make the outfit look. Either way is fine! It’s up to personal preference!

If you’re just starting out, and don’t have a lot of experience with cycling shoes or biker gear in general, I recommend going to your local bike shop and asking for their advice. They’ll help you find the best pair of shoes that is right for what type of biking you’ll be doing.

What might be the negatives to using running shoes for biking?

The motion of running is quite different from the motion of cycling and this might lead to some sort of wear problems that would not be seen in a regular cycling shoe. 

The difference between cycling and running dynamics means there are very different motions inside the shoe and on the body per pedal stroke. 

Running shoes may have heel lugs for increased grip but these can interfere with pedaling if they contact the rear tire when coasting or lifting off as well as when applying power at the front foot (i.e. push-off). 

The rubber compound on a running shoe may not provide enough friction for driving the pedal forward while sandy terrain or mixed conditions, leading to slips or mired in mud which will slow progress considerably. 

Straps and clips on running shoes make it harder to clip into a pedal than cycling and can interfere with the natural motion of the ankle. The other negatives of running shoes for biking are the increased likelihood of injury and wear.

What shoes can I use with a peloton?

You should use the Peloton Bike Shoe. The Peloton Shoes by New Balance are custom built for pedaling and virtually “weightless” on your feet. At only 7 oz, these shoes are performance-ready for any workout or occasion – and they’re also available in a wide range of styles to suit every rider’s personality.

The traditional NBs are heavier than the peloton shoes, but you can replace them with other lighter-weight NBs that have a much better grip. The best thing about them? 

They work really well with the peloton bike – you won’t even know they’re there! If it seems like an expense out of reach, remember that it’s less expensive than two months of having to ride in running shoes.

Final Words

We know you want to get the best Peloton shoes. That’s why we put together this guide of the top seven pairs available on Amazon right now for your convenience! No matter what style and price range, there is a pair that will fit your needs. Take a look at our list below before purchasing another shoe again. You won’t regret it!